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Scuba Dive Costa RicaA whole new world lies beneath the ocean, with fascinating colors, creatures and the ability to weightlessly encounter nature more closer than ever possible on land.  Many divers will attest, Costa Rica offers some of the best diving spots in the world. And nobody knows the ocean floor like Scuba Dive Costa Rica!!  Re-Discover scuba diving at some of the most famous diving locations such as Isla del Coco, Islas Catalinas, Isla del Caño, Murcielago and many others. offer 30'-80' visibility and warm water temperatures 64-86 degrees Fahrenheit. These dive spots are great for anyone looking to see enormous MANTA RAYS, WHITE TIP REEF SHARKS, NURSE SHARKS, BULL SHARKS, OCTUPUS, SEA TURTLES, COW NOSE RAYS AND MOBULAS, EAGLE RAYS, GUITAR RAYS, AMERICAN RAYS, MORAY EELS  and a large variety of tropical fish and marine life.  You can also expect to see DOLPHINS, SEA TURTULES and WHALES on the boat ride to dive sites. You will be amazed at the diving Costa Rica has to offer.

For those unfamiliar with scuba diving, it's a fantastic activity for the entire family.  Becoming PADI certified is a real sense of accomplishment for children and encountering marine life underwater is an awesome learning opportunity for them.  While it is not required to be PADI certified to go scuba diving, we do recommend getting certified for your own safety and future enjoyment as you must dive 1-on-1 with an instructor if not PADI certified. The scuba diving resorts we recommend will always be PADI certified.

Whether you are an experienced diver looking for a specific dive, interested in getting PADI certified, or just want to take your first exploratory dive, our team of professional certified dive instructors at Scuba Diving Costa Rica will guarantee you the best scuba dive Costa Rica has to offer and the best experience possible.  We can arrange for any kind of certification, equipment purchase, rental, and diving excursion.  Our fully bilingual dive masters have decades of diving experience under their belt and will custom design diving tours for any and all scuba certifications and interests including: complete diving lessons from beginner to instructor, Nitrox diving certification, technical diving certification, CPR certification, night diving certification, special lessons for children, even lessons for those with reduced mobility.  

So come dive Costa Rica’s ocean floors and discover the fascinating world that lies beneath. 


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